Internship in Accounting Program

Each year, many accounting majors spend approximately three months working as interns in accounting firms, corporations, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The internship is one of the best ways to learn more about the world of work while applying what you are learning in the classroom. Internships are becoming increasingly important in the accounting profession and in business as they offer significant benefits to both employers and students. Below are several questions and short answers that may guide you as you think about internship opportunities in accounting. For more information visit the business internships website or you may contact your professors in the School of Accountancy, the School's administrative assistant at 330-972-7586, or the Career Center at 330-972-7747,

Should you plan to do an internship in accounting?

  • The School of Accountancy and the Career Center highly recommend an internship in accounting.
  • Accounting interns are paid a competitive salary for the duration of their internships.
  • Accounting interns receive three credits for their internships. These credits fulfill one of the accounting electives.
  • Accounting interns receive valuable on-the-job experience.
  • Accounting interns enjoy and celebrate their internship experience.
  • Accounting interns often receive full-time employment offers as a result of their internships.

What would you work on during your internship?

Accounting interns often do the same type of work that an entry-level, full-time employee would do in a professional organization. Our interns work in many areas, including:

  • External auditing
  • Internal auditing
  • Tax
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Management accounting
  • Accounting systems and internal control
  • Government and not-for-profit accounting

What is the duration of an internship?

  • Accounting internships typically require students to work for at least 40 hours per week for a minimum of 10 weeks.
  • Spring internships often start early in January and end in mid-April.
  • Summer internships often start in late May or early June and end in August.

When should you plan to do an internship?

  • The School of Accountancy and the Career Center recommend that you do an internship in your junior year.
  • Ideally, you should start planning for an internship immediately and make sure that you are ready to start the internship search process by the end of your sophomore year.
  • While internships are currently available year-round, most professional accounting firms offer spring internships.
  • You should plan to interview for internships in early fall of your junior year for placement in the following spring or summer.
  • You should plan to complete Accounting Principles I and II as well as Computer Applications before the fall semester when you plan to interview.
  • You should plan to register for Intermediate Accounting I and Accounting Information Systems during the fall of your junior year when you plan to interview.

What does it take to get an internship?

  • At least a 3.00 GPA.
  • Grades of at least B in Accounting Principles I & II.
  • A satisfactory score on the School of Accountancy's Pre-Internship Assessment Test, which consists of 40 multiple-choice questions on accounting fundamentals and ethics.
  • Excellent interpersonal and networking skills.
  • Good work ethic.
  • Excellent interviewing skills.
  • Professionalism in the way you speak and dress.

Should you give up your part-time job to pursue an internship?

  • Internships are very valuable.
  • Internships often lead to full-time jobs.
  • Accounting internships usually pay far more than a typical part-time job.
  • Internships give you an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in accounting and earn three credits that may count towards your accounting degree.
  • Students usually enjoy and celebrate their internships.

How do you find out about internship opportunities?

  • Visit the Internship page on the School of Accountancy's web site as it includes a list of Accounting Internship Partners that provide internship opportunities for accounting majors.
  • Attend Evening With the Accountants, a networking event held in September, that brings about 40 professional accounting firms, companies, and other organizations on campus.
  • Participate in activities sponsored by accounting student organizations (e.g., Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association, IMA and ISACA) as they offer many opportunities for students to network directly with potential employers.
  • Talk with your accounting instructor as some instructors often receive information about accounting internship opportunities.
  • Talk with counselors at the Career Center.
  • Register with the Career Center and use your RooLink account which has thousands of job postings, both locally and nationwide, and is FREE through the Career Center.
  • Consult with your own networking contacts, including family members, friends, and neighbors.

Are there other recommended opportunities besides internships?

  • The School of Accountancy and the Career Center usually recommend co-ops to students who do not wish to pursue an internship.
  • The primary difference between a co-op and an internship is that a co-op does not allow students to earn college credits at The University of Akron whereas an internship does.
  • Another major difference between a co-op and an internship is that only one internship can be completed but you may do multiple co-ops.
  • Co-ops provide students who have completed an internship with a great deal of flexibility.

Which organizations hire our students as interns?

Approximately 25 professional accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, and other types of entities hire our students as interns. Each of the global public accounting firms (e.g., Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG, Grant Thornton) and several regional and local accounting firms (e.g., Brockman Coats Gedelian & Co, Plante & Moran, Cohen & Co., CBIZ, SS&G, Apple Growth Partners, Meaden & Moore, Bober Markey Fedorovich & Co) recruit interns. Examples of corporations that recruit interns include The J. M. Smucker, Parker Hannifin, Jo Ann Stores, Goodyear, First Merit, and Key Bank.