CoB JD/MBA Program Structure

Additional Information

MBA Proficiencies Students must show proficiency in the following areas critical to success in the MBA:

  • Microsoft Excel/Spreadsheets 
  • Writing 
  • Quantitative Skills/Statistics 

*All core and Professional courses require Excel, writing and statistics proficiency prior to enrollment.Electives: Interdisciplinary (6 credits)
(May be up to 6 credits of Law transfer courses as approved by the College

This program provides an unparalleled opportunity for MBA students. Akron’s Law School is consistently rated as a best school due in part to the high passage rate of its graduates. It is also known for its program in intellectual property rights. As business continues to be more globally intertwined and these rights are something that every manager should be aware of.
MBA Professional Courses* (6 credits)
6700:689 Leading and Influencing (required in year 1, first semester) 1
6700:691 Professional Integrity 1
6700:693 Negotiations in the Workplace 1
6500:601 Business Analytics and Information Strategy 3
MBA Core Courses* (21 credits)
3250:601 Economic Decision Making for Business
6200:601 Financial Accounting
6200:602 Managerial Finance
6500:670 Management of Supply Chain and Operations 3
6500:652 Managing People in Organizations 3
6600:620 Strategic Marketing 3
6800:605 International Business Environments 3
MBA Integrative Course
6500:695 Organizational Strategy*
(*Restricted to Students in their last two semesters)
Total Credit Hours 48-51

Admission Requirements

In order to pursue the JD/MBA cooperative program, the student must apply to, and be accepted by, both the School of Law and the College of Business Administration. Students should apply to the School of Law first. Once accepted the student can then use their LSAT in place of the GMAT for their College of Business Administration application. The student should contact each college independently for information concerning admission criteria and procedures. Individuals with baccalaureate degrees in any field of study are eligible to apply for a joint program.

Application Deadline

  • August 1 for Fall enrollment
  • December 1 for Spring enrollment
  • May 1 for Summer enrollment

International Student Applications

It is recommended that international students apply six weeks prior to these dates to allow time for admission and I-20 visa processing.  I-20 forms are processed by the International Center.

The School of Law should be contacted for its application deadline information.

Students currently admitted to this program may have different course requirements than those listed here. Refer to your Degree Progress Report (DPR) in My Akron for your program requirements.