Joint Degree Application

The School of Law and the College of Business (CoB) offer two joint degree program options: The JD/MBA in legal and administrative studies and JD/M, and taxation in legal and taxation studies (JD/MT). These combinations prepare students for careers in areas such as corporate law, tax accounting, management or legal practice in government.


To pursue a joint degree program, you must apply to, and be accepted by, both the School of Law and the College of Business. You should contact each college independently for information concerning admission criteria and procedures. Individuals with baccalaureate degrees in any field of study are eligible to apply for a joint program. Most full-time law students apply in January of year 1 and part-time law students apply in fall of year 2.

Students accepted to a joint program usually complete the first year (if day/full-time) or second year (if evening/part-time) of law school without taking any graduate courses in the College of Business. Sometime during the first or second year of law school you should meet with counselors in both the School of Law and the College of Business to ensure that the courses are acceptable according to both colleges' requirements and schedules.

Some students begin course work in the CoB before entering law school. CoB course work taken prior to law studies will not be transferable to the School of Law. You should check with a College of Business Adviser to carefully plan your studies to get the maximum transfer benefit.

Visit the School of Law Joint Degree website.

Joint degree students receive two degrees and therefore, must be admitted to two programs. Applications to the School of Law and the Graduate School, for the business degree, are required. A third application to establish joint degree status is also required.

Most students gain admission to the School of Law and then apply for admission to the Graduate School in January of Law Year 1.