Scheduling Options for JD/MBA Students

Scheduling Options for Full-time JD/MBA Students

First Year - Fall First Year - Spring First Year - Summer*
JD Credits (16) JD Credits (14) JD Credits (0-6)
MBA (0-6)
*Form to Transfer Law Courses to the College of Business Administration
*take some combination of 6 credits.
Second Year - Fall Second Year - Spring Second Year - Summer*
JD Credits (10)
MBA (6)
JD Credits (10)
MBA (6)
JD Credits (0-6)
MBA (0-6)
*take some combination of 6 credits
Third Year - Fall Third Year - Spring
JD Credits (10)
MBA (6)
JD Credits (12)
MBA (3)
*July Bar Exam
JD Credits 78
MBA Credits to apply toward JD 10
*Total JD Credits Required 88
MBA Credits 27
JD Credits to apply toward MBA 9
*Total MBA Credits Required 36
6 credits.  
Total Joint Degree Credits 105

*Part-time JD/MBA students can complete the program in 3-4 years, depending on how many credit hours the student intends to take per semester.