Bruker ELEXSYS E-500

KNCL 119


The ELEXSYS spectrometer series is a research platform with outstanding performance and flexibility. The X-Band ELEXSYS E-500 instrument is equipped with the SuperX feature. SuperX comprises a selected high-power, ultra-low-noise Dual Gunn source, the SignalMaster lock in detector (100 Hz to 100 kHz), and the super-high-Q cavity. The combination of these devices has resulted in an order of magnitude increase in sensitivity for CW-EPR in X-band. For high-accuracy measurements the system carries a Hall field controller as well as an X-band digital frequency counter. For low-temperature experiments the spectrometer is equipped with a nitrogen and helium cryostat system for temperature ranges 370 - 4 K.

Instrument rates for UA users can be found on the Instrumentation Rates page.

Acknowledgments: Users who publish papers including data from this instrument should include the following statement: We wish to thank the National Science Foundation (NSF-CHE-0420987) and the Ohio Board of Regents for funds used to purchase the EPR instrument used in this work.