Varian INOVA 200

KNCL 132b

INOVA 200This is a fully equipped research grade solids NMR instrument. It is outfitted with multinuclear capability, variable temperature (-120 to +160oC), ultra-highspeed CPMAS probes (up to 10 kHz), high speed rotor speed control, rotor synchronization, and a high power amplifier with a 2 MHz digitizer for wideline experiments.

Users who have a regular need for this instrument's capabilities in their research and who have demonstrated proficiency on the solution NMR instruments, can be checked out to use this instrument.

The nature and variety of experiments which are performed on this instrument require that time be scheduled one weeks in advance. Contact Dr. Jessi Baughman by Noon on Wednesdays to request instrument time for the following week.

Instrument rates for UA users can be found on the Instrumentation Rates page.

Acknowledgments: Users who publish papers including data from this instrument should include the following statement: We wish to thank the Kresge Foundation and donors to the Kresge Challenge Program at The University of Akron for funds used to purchase the NMR instrument used in this work.