Varian NMRS 500-01

GDYR 103a
Solution w/automation

NMRS 500-02This is a Research Grade 2 channel instrument for H/X double resonance experiments. It is equipped with a robotic sample changer, auto-tune and auto-shim capabilities for continuous unattended instrument optimization and operation. This instruments configuration will alternate between robotic operation of 10- and 5-mm dual broadband probes (based on demand).

For access to this instrument, please contact Dr. Venkat Dudipala for training and checkout. Once you have been checked out to operate this instrument, times can be reserved via the Scheduling page.

Instrument rates for UA users can be found on the Instrumentation Rates page.

Acknowledgments: Users who publish papers including data from this instrument should include the following statement: We wish to thank The Ohio Board of Regents and The National Science Foundation (CHE-0341701 and DMR-0414599) for funds used to purchase the NMR instrument used in this work.