Varian INOVA 400

KNCL 119
Solids & Solution

This is a fully equipped research grade NMR instrument. It is outfitted with multinuclear capability, variable temperature, pulsed field gradients and 2D NMR capabilities not available on the Mercury 300's. Many different types of experiments can be performed including many techniques tailor made to solve a specific problem. 5mm and 10mm direct and indirect detection probes are available for use depending on the requirement.

 INOVA 400

The INOVA 400 is intended for multinuclear NMR, non-routine, or long term (>10 hours) experiments. Users who have a regular need for this instrument's capabilities in their research and who have demonstrated proficiency on the Mercury 300's, can be checked out to operate this instrument on their own.

A reservation schedule for time on the INOVA 400 can be viewed on the scheduling page Thursday for the following week. If experiments requiring a change in hardware configuration are to be performed, please contact Dr. Venkat Dudipala by noon Wednesday to reserve time for the following week.

Acknowledgments: Users who publish papers including data from this instrument should include the following statement: We wish to thank The National Science Foundation (CHE-9977144) for funds used to purchase the NMR instrument used in this work.