Varian NMRS 500-02

GDYR 103a
Solids & Solution

This is a Research Grade 5 channel instrument equipped for double and triple resonance experiments in both solids and liquids. It includes a suite of probes to do essentially every useful permutation of triple resonance experiments, including 1H/13C/X (where X covers essentially the entire range of nuclear resonance frequencies). The instrument was purchased to perform diffusion experiments with high gradient strengths (120 Gauss/cm), and very high temperature (up to 250 deg. C) solution and solids experiments.

Instrument rates for UA users can be found on the Instrumentation Rates page.

NMRS 500-01

The nature and variety of experiments which are performed on this instrument require that time be scheduled at least one (1) to two (2) weeks in advance. Contact Dr. Venkat Dudipala by Noon on Wednesdays to request instrument time for the following 2 weeks.

Acknowledgments: Users who publish papers including data from this instrument should include the following statement: We wish to thank The Ohio Board of Regents and The National Science Foundation (CHE-0341701 and DMR-0414599) for funds used to purchase the NMR instrument used in this work.