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Stories From the Stacks explores the stories within the collections of the Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, featuring unique items from both the Archives of the History of American Psychology. Explore all of our collections online.

Materials included in each video, including media and archival documents, are intended for educational use. These materials may not be reproduced elsewhere.

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Night Vision and B-8 Flying Goggles

What does a pair of World War Two B-8 Flying Goggles have to do with psychology’s history? It’s all about night vision! Join Reference Archivist Lizette Royer Barton as she shares one of her favorite artifacts from the Walter R. Miles papers and explains why “you can’t make a man into an owl or a cat” (could that quote be any better?).

Kirlian Photography

Can a photograph be used to document invisible auras and diagnose illnesses? Join Archives Assistant Tony Pankuch as they explore the parapsychological theories surrounding Kirlian photography.

Holmgren’s Worsteds for Testing Color Blindness

Not all scientific apparatus require elaborate electrical connections or expensive manufacturing! Join CCHP Assistant Director Dr. Jennifer Bazar as she explores the shoebox of wool that made up the Holmgren’s Worsteds, a 19th century test for color blindness and visual experiments.

The Zoetrope

Round and round the images go, creating one incredibly important optical illusion. Today, Archives Assistant Tony talks about the Zoetrope, one of the earliest “motion picture” devices. Get your popcorn ready and join us for Stories From the Stacks!