Center for Organizational Research

The Center for Organizational Research (COR) is a consulting center operating within the Psychology Department at The University of Akron. The purpose of COR is to provide organizations with evidence-based solutions to the issues that confront people in work environments, with areas of specialization including human resource management, organizational development, and survey work. COR is able to offer a tailored approach to the client‘s needs because of its smaller client base and research orientation. Our consulting services are delivered by teams of graduate students and I/O faculty members. If you are a recent graduate of our I/O program, you likely had the opportunity to contribute to some of our projects as a graduate student associate. Collaboration with faculty gives COR a unique strength, as the I/O Psychology Department at The University of Akron consistently ranks as one of the top ten programs in the nation. As such, COR is in an excellent position to provide top quality consultation and evidence-based interventions to the business community.

Some of our services offered include: adverse impact analysis, leadership training and development, performance management, customized research studies, employee attitude surveys, training development and evaluation, job analysis, and item and test writing and development. For more information, you can reach us at (330) 972-7317, or We would like to thank the many alumni COR has partnered with over the years and we look forward to the possibility of serving other alumni in any project needs your organization may have.