Assisting with your Withdrawal   

The Dean of Students office knows that many students experience challenges during college that impact their ability to fully participate academically.  These challenges may include medical emergencies or the death of a family member.  If you have encountered a crisis, we want you to know that we empathize with you during this difficult time, and it is our goal to help by providing service, support and access to resources. We also hope to help before a withdrawal is needed. If you are needing assistance, the Dean of Students Office, 330-972-6048, is happy to help.

Facilitating your withdraw from class is part of that service.  Once your academic dean has withdrawn you from classes, we will work with you to determine how you will be impacted academically and financially by the withdraw.  You may owe money if the University has to return a portion of your financial aid, and withdrawing may impact your scholarship status.  These are situations the Dean of Students Office will help you navigate.

We hope to see you back at the University of Akron. When you have decided to return to the university, please contact the Dean of Students Office so that our staff can ease the transition back to campus and provide any necessary support services. We will see you soon!

Undergraduate students who need to withdraw from all courses for extraordinary non-academic reasons must obtain the permission of the dean of their college. Graduate students who need to withdraw from all courses for extraordinary non-academic reasons will need permission from their academic college and the Graduate School. We recommend Graduate Students contact their advisor. Other withdraws can be completed by the student through the 14th calendar day of the semester.  From the 14th day through the 7th week, a course withdrawal will be indicated on the student’s official academic record by a grade of “WD” by visiting MyAkron.  After the 7th week the student must receive permission from their academic department to withdraw. Once you have received permission to withdraw, the Dean of Students office can assist you in managing any of the potential barriers.

Session Last day to drop without "WD"
appearing on academic record
Last day to withdraw from classes
Regular Session January 26 March 1
1st 7.5 week January 19 February 3
2nd 7.5 week March 15 April 6
1st 5 week January 17 January 28
2nd 5 week February 21 March 3
3rd 5 week April 3 April 14

When a student withdraws from all classes prior to completing 60 percent of the period/semester for which federal aid was provided, the student may be billed from The University of Akron for any account balance created when the college is required to return funds.

Students who need to withdraw due to extraordinary circumstances may be eligible to have an exception to this refund policy. 

The Dean of Students Office can assist the student in preparing a fee appeal.  The student will need to submit an appeal form, a written statement stating the reason for the appeal, and third-party documentation supporting the appeal (professional documentation: physician letter, death certificate, police report, etc.)

Please note:  the Dean of Students Office will submit the appeal paperwork on your behalf, but we do not make the final decision regarding your eligibility.  More information about the appeal process is available here.

Academic Impact
Before deciding to withdraw from a class, please consult your academic advisor to determine how it will affect your progress toward your degree. 

Financial Impact
You may owe money if the University has to return part of your financial aid.  If you are receiving financial aid, you will be reviewed for Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). 

Work Impact

If you drop below half time, you can no longer work as a Federal Work-Study student.

Veteran Students

Veteran students must maintain academic progress.  If a student withdraws, the University of Akron Military Services Center we will discontinue enrollment certification and will inform the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department of Veterans Affairs determines whether or not payment will be terminated and the conditions for reinstatement.  If the student plans on repeating a course for which they already received VA benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs will pay for repeat courses only if you received a grade of F in the initial course or did not meet the minimum grade requirement for the course when taken in your approved program.

Scholarship Concerns
Scholarships have credit hour requirements. If you drop below the required hours, the refund is repaid to the scholarship.

Student Loans and Grants

Changes in enrollment may impact The Pell Grant and The Ohio College Opportunity Grant.  Pell will be adjusted for any change prior to the 15th day of the semester and withdraw from any class that has not yet begun.  Withdrawing may make you ineligible for future Pell Grants.   The Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) will be adjusted for any change in enrollment that occurs on or prior to the 15th day of the semester. If credit hours are reduced after the 15th, day and the university is in a refund period, the grant will be pro-rated.

Student Loans
Dropping classes may have an impact on the deferment status of your student loans.  Loans will stay in deferment status as long you continue to attend school at least half time. If you drop below half-time for longer than six months (Federal Direct Loans) or nine months (Nursing Loans), the repayment period will start. In addition, student loans currently being disbursed may be cancelled and returned to the lender if you drop below half time.