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The University of Akron is a state-supported institution. Why are gifts needed if it receives state funds?

The University receives funds from three sources: tuition, state appropriations, and private support. Although tuition and state monies provide a portion of the University's operating budget, they do not cover the average cost of educating a full-time student nor the monies needed for endowments, construction projects or renovations. There will always be more needs than those two sources can supply. Consequently, private support is vital to the continued growth and success of the University.

Unrestricted gifts can be used wherever needs are greatest, allowing the University the flexibility to address its most pressing needs.

Yes. You can specify which college, department, scholarship or specific fund you would like to receive your support.

Gifts to the University are 100% tax-deductible.

Many companies offer to match gifts made by their employees to certain nonprofit institutions and organizations, such as The University. Some employers even extend the matching gift privilege to board members, retirees, and employees’ spouses.

If your employer has a matching gift program, please take advantage of the opportunity! Request a matching gift form (generally from the Human Resources Department), complete the employee section, and mail the form to The University of Akron, Department of Development, Akron, Ohio 44325-2603. The University will work with your employer to process the matching gift. Also, your company may now use an online matching gift form, which makes it easier than ever to complete the employee section and eliminates the need to mail paperwork.

If you have questions about your employer’s matching gift program, please contact your HR Department or the Department of Development at The University of Akron at 330-972-7238 or

Yes. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Department of Development
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-2603

Yes. Give online now. It's quick and simple.

Donors of planned gifts can receive a number of financial benefits from their gifts, depending on the type of gift made.

Your financial commitment will have a direct impact on the University, allowing you to show your support in a very tangible way. We will be happy to work with you to ensure that your gift will be used exactly as you direct. Your planned gift will also qualify you for membership in the Society for Tomorrow. For more information, contact:

Lia Jones, Esq.
Director, Center for Gift and Estate Planning
The University of Akron Foundation

Many alumni and friends are not able to make a major gift presently, due to any number of factors. A gift planned to mature at some point later in time allows the University to move forward, secure in the knowledge that the funds will be available at a future date. For many donors, the planned gift that will mature many years in the future may be larger than any outright gifts they could make.

There are several types of planned or deferred gifts, and the one that is most appropriate for you depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the gift, the age of the beneficiary/beneficiaries, the amount of income needed and the length of time income is needed. For more specific information, contact:

Lia Jones, Esq.
Director, Center for Gift and Estate Planning
The University of Akron Foundation

Yes. The University will respect your desire for anonymity and will not disclose your gift if that is your desire. You can discuss your gift confidentially with a development professional. You may contact the Department of Development at 330-972-7238 or

Gifts to benefit multiple areas within the University can be handled easily. Please discuss your needs with one of our development professionals or contact the Department of Development at 330-972-7238 or

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