Locating Paul A. Daum Theatre on the UA Campus

The Paul A. Daum Theatre is located in Kolbe Hall on The University of Akron campus.

There is a link to a UA Campus Map on the UA website at the top of the UA Home Page.

Kolbe Hall can be reached from Guzzetta Hall by walking east along Buchtel Common.  Buchtel Common is the wide brick pedestrian area that runs east/west through the center of campus.  It is slightly tan-colored on the campus map. The front entrance directly into Daum Theatre is on the south side of Kolbe Hall. On performance day, please bring your child into the theatre using this door.  If approaching Kolbe Hall along Buchtel Common, you will need to walk around either side of the building to get to this entrance. The back entrance to Kolbe Hall from Buchtel Common is opposite Bierce Library.   After entering Kolbe Hall from Buchtel Common, walk until you reach the hallway on the left. Turn down this hallway and directly ahead is the side door into Daum Theatre (Room 88). On rehearsal days, please bring your child into the theatre using this door.  (The front doors directly into the theatre will be locked.)

There are two additional entrances into Kolbe Hall on the south side of the building, just west of the front theatre doors. You may enter Kolbe Hall through these doors to access the hallways leading to the side entrance into the theatre.  If you enter through the first set of doors past the front theatre entrance, walk down the short flight of stairs and continue along the hallway (which shifts over to the left) and at the end of that hallway directly to your right is the side door into the theatre. If you enter from the second set of doors, walk until you reach the hallway on the right (you will see the entrance from Buchtel Common directly ahead) and turn down this hallway.  Directly ahead is the side door into Daum Theatre.

Parking for Daum Theatre using Dance Institute Parking Permits: Some families choose to park in the lots near Guzzetta Hall and walk to Daum Theatre. You may also park with your Dance Institute Parking Permit in any commuter lot on campus. There are a few that are a little closer to Daum Theatre.  Parking for friends and relatives attending the performance: There is no "free" parking on campus. Visitors may park next to Guzzetta Hall in the Visitor's Parking Deck on E. Buchtel Ave. for $1.00 per hour or at the metered parking spaces throughout campus (quarters only - $1.00 per hour).  

Further information is available online on the UA Parking webpage and by calling UA Parking Services at 330-972- 7213. 

Please let us know if you require information about handicap access to Daum Theatre.