UA Parking for Dance Institute classes (updated 7.1.13)
All regularly scheduled Dance Institute classes are held in Guzzetta Hall on The University of Akron campus. The street address for the Guzzetta Hall entrance closest to the Dance Institute office, as indicated in Google Maps, is 224 E. Buchtel Avenue.

The University of Akron’s Parking Services provides special parking passes for Dance Institute families each session as a courtesy to our families. They are to be used for parking only during Dance Institute classes and are purchased through the Dance Institute office.

The current prices are:

  • Fall Semester $25
  • Spring Semester $25
  • Summer Session $20

This fee is assessed by Parking Services. Dance Institute receives no portion of this fee.

When looking for parking, be sure the lot is designated “C” for “Commuter.” With a valid parking permit, the closest lots available are:

  • Lot 26, the parking deck off E. Buchtel Ave., also known as the North Deck
  • Lot 28, the E.J. Thomas Hall deck off Hill St.
  • Lot 27, the surface lot on the corner of E. Buchtel Avenue and Hill Street (across the street from E.J. Thomas Hall and Guzzetta Hall)

Additional nearby parking can be found past the North Deck in the direction of Market Street:

  • Lot 29 - directly across from the Forge St. entrance to the North Deck
  • Lot 45 - located just past Lot 29 if you drive through Lot 29
  • Lot 40 - located on the corner of Lincoln and Mill Streets
  • Lot 71 – Administrative Services Building across Mill Street (past Lot 40)

Alternative to purchasing a parking pass:

  • Pick up and drop off your child from the circular drive off Buchtel Ave. in front of Guzzetta Hall.  This is a NO PARKING ZONE. It is “Pick up and Drop Off” ONLY. No cars are to be left unattended.  This driveway must not be blocked at anytime.
  • Parking is available in Visitor Lot “A”, known as the Robertson Deck, next to Guzzetta Hall on E. Buchtel Avenue: When an attendant is present (8am-10pm M-F), the rate is $1.00 an hour. When an attendant is not on duty, entry is controlled by a gate and the cost is $6.00. The machine takes $1.00 bills and $5.00 bills only.
  • Parking meters are available in Lot 27 (11 meters), across from Guzzetta Hall on Buchtel Avenue. The cost is $1.00 per hour (quarters only) for a maximum of 2 hours. There are a limited number of free parking spaces on University Avenue just past E. J. Thomas Hall and a few meters at the end of that same block at Broadway and University Avenue. 

The cost of a basic parking citation is $25. A request for visitor citation dismissals is $10. (This is for Dance Institute families who have already purchased a parking pass for the session in which the citation is issued and forgot to display it.)

Link to UA Campus Maps webpage:

Parking Information PDF (updated 7.1.13)