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Dance Program Placement Audition

Audition information for prospective students


  • Fall audition deadline: Nov. 21, 2020
  • Spring audition date: March 13, 2021

Auditions for placement in the UA Dance Program consist of group classes in ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, and tap.

All prospective dance majors enter the UA Dance Program on a provisional basis and technique class placement is determined by audition.  

At the end of the freshman year, students successfully passing the Freshman Jury will be admitted into the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences as B.A. in Dance majors. Students interested in pursuing a B.F.A. in Dance degree must successfully pass a B.F.A. audition at the end of the sophomore year.

Fall 2020 Audition Details


Deadline to submit Audition Materials is Saturday, November 21, 2020.

  Video Auditions should include the following information:   

  • Your name 
  • Video clips demonstrating components from each dance style in which you are  experienced.   
  • Audition Materials are used to inform your level placement in technique classes.  
  • If you are not experienced in a specific dance style, you will be placed in Level I.    
  • You may be moved into higher level during the first two weeks of the semester based on performance in class.     
  • Upload your video to an online site - like YouTube - and email the link with your contact information to dance@uakron.edu  


  • Phrase right + left 
  • Pullbacks  
  • Wings 


  • Center pirouette phrase  
  • Grande battement combo 


  • Barre work:  Tendu combination from 5th right + left Rond de jambe combination right + left  
  • Center:  Adagio, pirouettes from 4th  


  • Center phrase 
  • Traveling phrase 

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Dance Program Audition and Admissions

Schedule your UA Dance Program audition

To schedule and confirm your UA Dance Program audition, use the following online audition registration form. 

Schedule your audition

To pay the required dance audition fee, mail a check for $10, payable to The University of Akron, to the following address.

UA Dance Program mailing address 

ATTN: Dance Program Placement Audition
The University of Akron 
Guzzetta Hall
School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration
Akron, OH 44325-1005

Note: auditions are finalized when payment is received. 

Additional Audition Option

If you are unable to attend an audition, you may submit a video including components listed below, showing the dancer’s full body from the front and side.  Videos must include:

  • Ballet (center work including pirouettes from fourth and fifth positions, petite allegro, and an exercise across the floor such as grande allegro or a waltz combination)
  • Pointe (a releve combination, on two feet and one foot, and an exercise for pirouettes)
  • Modern (center and across the floor)
  • Tap (phrase right and left)
  • Jazz (center and across the floor)

Upload your video to an online site - like YouTube - and email the link with your contact information to dance@uakron.edu

More Information

Please, email Dr. Marc Reed at marcreed@uakron.edu or call 330-972-7948 with questions regarding the UA Dance Program and auditions.