Undergraduate Research

Economics student at The University of Akron

Senior Project

Economics students conduct their own independent research in their senior project as a capstone, which requires them to use statistical and data analysis to research an economic topic. The Senior Project Handbook provides students clear guidelines and assessment rubrics. Economics students in Williams Honors College can also complete their Honors Research Project in the economics department.

Read some of the senior projects below.

Economics student at The University of Akron

External Recognition

Economics students have received external recognition for their research by presenting their senior projects at local and regional conferences such as the Midwest Economics Association Conference, the Ohio Association of Economist and Political Scientists and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's Economic Scholars Program.

Several undergraduates' senior projects have also been published in a peer review journal, Undergraduate Economic Review.

Economics student at The University of Akron

Student Resources for Research

Students get additional support for their economic research through specially created Library Guides page for Economics and some of our Economics classes such as Applied Econometrics, International Economics, and Urban Economics.










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