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Honors Project Course Information

3250:497—Honors Project in Economics (1–3 credits)
Prerequisites: senior standing in Honors College.

Individual senior honors thesis on a creative project relevant to economics, approved and supervised by faculty member of the department.

General Comments

Students in the Honors program have a requirement for an Honors project. As all students majoring in economics are also required to do a Senior Project, the basic requirements for the Honors Project, its timeline and its evaluation can be found in the Senior Project Handbook.

Timeline and Schedule

It should be noted that B is the required passing grade for an Honors Project. Students signing up for the Honors project (3250:497) should note that it is cross-listed with 3250:434 (Labor Market Analysis) for 3 credits and with 3250:496 (Senior Project). We recommend that students sign-up for 3 credits in the Spring semester and attend the Labor Market Analysis class with other majors carrying out their original research programs. If that timing is not possible, students need to sign up for 2 credits after finding a faculty member in the department with whom to work individually. The information on this option is further discussed in the Senior Project Handbook.

  • Honors students electing to use 3250:434 to satisfy the Honors Project requirement must meet the specific timeline for this course. As such, their Concept Paper is due at the end of the first week of class. They may use this as the Honors Project proposal, which must still be submitted to the Honors College at this time.
  • The final submission for the Honors Research Project should follow the standard guidelines for the Williams Honors College and students should submit their Senior Project Final Paper to IdeaExchange@UAkron.