Manage deadlines

Compiling your application materials takes time, so plan ahead accordingly. Annual deadlines for UA Exchange Programs are:

  • Oct. 6: Spring semester
  • March 16: Fall semester and full academic year

Deadlines for third-party, direct enroll, and UA faculty-led and student-led programs vary. Check with the program provider or UA program leader for details.

Make appointments

Be sure to discuss your plans with the following offices:

  • The International Center. Send an email to to set up an appointment to ensure you are on track to participate in an education abroad program.
  • Your academic advisor. He or she can verify that credits taken abroad will transfer back and apply toward your UA program.
  • The Financial Aid office. Send an email to Kathryn Vasko at to learn how your participation in education abroad could affect your scholarships and other financial aid.

Submit application materials

The following materials should be submitted (either online or to the Education Abroad Office in Buchtel Hall 202) no later than 5pm on the application deadline.

  • For Exchange, Third-Party, and Direct Enroll Programs, complete the Education Abroad Application online.
  • The Education Abroad Application requires one UA academic reference. Click here for instructions.
  • Once your Education Abroad Application has been approved by UA, apply to the program directly.
  • For faculty-led and student-led programs, check with the program leader. Faculty-led and student-led programs require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.

International Students

F-1 students and some J-1 students may participate in education abroad opportunities during their degree programs at The University of Akron. For information about maintaining F-1 or J-1 status while studying abroad and requirements for re-entry to the United States, set up an immigration advising appointment with Emily Aronson orJung Shin, or email You can also view guidance from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security here.

Interning Abroad

Interested in interning abroad? The best way to find an internship opportunity is to check with your department at UA to see if they have any internship abroad opportunities or to check with our third party affiliates to see what opportunities they have.