Exercise Science graduate credits outstanding faculty, program for her success


Amber Greer, a senior in the Exercise Science program, has always wanted to earn a college degree. On December 15, she graduated from The University of Akron’s College of Education with her bachelor’s degree.

Amber realized that she wanted to go into the health field after witnessing her grandfather go through cardiac rehabilitation. She said that she “thought it would be fun to hang out with people like my grandpa.” Since that time she has been working hard towards fulfilling her goal.

For the past two years, Amber has commuted from her home in Mansfield to Akron four days a week. She has gone straight through – no summer breaks! On the weekends, she commutes from Mansfield to Columbus for her job as a paramedic at Grant Medical Center.

When asked why she drives 65 miles from home to school and then another 65 miles from home to work, she explained that there were greater job opportunities in the Columbus area and that UA offered the program that she wanted with many other perks.

Of her experience in the Sport Science and Wellness Education department through the College of Education, she said that she feels more equipped for her future job than many of her peers who took part in similar programs through other universities. Amber also spoke highly of the faculty – that they really know what they are talking about. Their experiences help to make the field come alive.

Another bright spot for her was the affordability of the program. Amber has worked the entire way through her college experience and will be graduating with minimal students loans. She is very proud of this. “My college education was worth every single penny that I spent,” she says.

Upon graduation, Amber will continue to work for Grant Medical Center in Columbus and she will also begin to volunteer once a week for Mid-Ohio Heart Clinic. She is going to continue to hone her skills as well as network with people in her field. Her goal is to one day be a Physician’s Assistant.

Congratulations Amber!