College of Education Full-time Faculty, Staff and Contract Professionals

Our highly qualified and diverse faculty contribute to exceptional academics within the College of Education. Added to this are working professionals who serve as dynamic part-time faculty. Their combined experience spans the full range of education from preschool to higher education, as well as in business and industry.  If you need assistance in locating someone, contact us.

Dean's Office

Dr. Jarrod Tudor
Mrs. Samantha Kincaid
Blue button:  Visit the department websiteMrs. Roberta A. Reese

Assessment & Accreditation

Dr. Peg L. McCann

Student ServicesBlue button:  Visit the department website

Ms. Kelly L. Chaff
Mrs. Megan Hampshire
Ms. Mallory Kennedy
Mrs. Peggy A. McCann
Ms. Lynne Suponcic

Student Teaching & Field Experience

Blue button:  Visit the department website

Ms. Katie Feudner
Ms. Sandra Wilkes


Curricular & Instructional Studies

Blue button:  Visit the department websiteDr. Francis Broadway
Dr. Al Daviso
Dr. Gail Evanchan
Dr. Gary Holliday
Dr. Shelley Houser
Dr. Lynn Kline
Dr. Lisa Lenhart
Ms. Nancy Lupi
Dr. Brad Maguth
Dr. Nidaa Makki
Dr. Brandi Noll
Dr. Lynne Pachnowski
Mrs. Karen Plaster
Dr. Valerie Sartor
Ms. Erin R. Stevic
Dr. Shernavaz Vakil
Dr. Evonn Welton

Educational Foundations & Leadership

Blue button:  Visit the department websiteDr. Wondimu Ahmed
Dr. Susan G. Clark

Dr. Sandra Coyner
Dr. Kristin Koskey
Dr. Susan Kushner Benson
Dr. Huey-Li Li
Dr. Xin Liang
Dr. Renee Mudrey-Camino
Dr. Nasser Razek
Dr. I-Chun Tsai

Department Administrative Support

Mrs. Samantha Kincaid