OCSS puts the “Egg” in Leggett


The children of the Leggett Community Learning Center got a visit from a very special guest on Friday, April 11th. Sitting in the cafeteria, the Leggett students anxiously awaited the opportunity to go hunting for candy, but all they were missing was their line leader. Suddenly, through the door, their special guest arrived: the Easter Bunny!

The students cheered in excitement. Led by the Easter Bunny, the students lined up around their playground and, once the whistle was blown, dashed for their treats. The kids were so thankful and gladly relayed their joy to the Easter Bunny with laughter and hugs.

The event was hosted by the University of Akron’s office of Off-Campus Student Services, volunteering students and staff from the College of Education, members of campus Greek life, and a candy-loving Easter Bunny!

Contact:  Zachary Steiner, Assistant Director, Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS)
Telephone: 330-972-8305