Ohio Department of Higher Education Educator Performance Report

The Ohio Department of Higher Education publishes the Ohio Educator Preparation Performance Report; this report provides information regarding educator preparation programs throughout the state. Review of the report reveals that our School of Education can be very proud of our educator preparation programs and graduates. Specifically, we are very pleased with our high pass rates on licensure exams and student completion of student teaching/internship experiences. The reports reflect that our students have significant experience in authentic field settings, during student teaching and during the preparation for the principalship. This assures that that they are well prepared to enter the field as new educators.

The report also reveals that we are attracting academically strong students into our programs and that their satisfaction with the program is within the range expected, relative to other preparation programs throughout the state.

The report indicates that our graduates are making a positive impact in the schools in which they are employed. This strengthens our already existing anecdotal evidence indicating that our students are sought out for employment by districts. In addition, districts that have employed our graduates often report that they are very pleased.

The School of Education is very appreciative that ODHE has made this information available to us. We applaud their efforts and will continue to have a presence at the State University Education Deans monthly meetings so that we may all collaborate toward this end. This report has been made available to our faculty for review and will be included with additional data in decision making processes as we continually work to enhance our already strong educator preparation program.

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize and applaud all educator preparation programs throughout the state. Overall, this report reflects the continuing dedication of students, faculty and administrators so that the best possible educators are prepared for the field. We recognize that while our public and private universities have varying missions and are within a variety of geographic locations throughout the state, the common thread is a sincere dedication to the preparation of high quality educators.

Again, we are grateful to the Ohio Department of Higher Education for this information and want to applaud all educator preparation programs for their dedication to high quality education.

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