Dr. Ping Yi

Dr. Ping Yi

Title: Professor, P.E.
Dept/Program: Civil Engineering
Office: ASEC 213
Phone: 330-972-7294
Fax: 330-972-6020
Email: pyi@uakron.edu


Education and Professional Registration

  • Ph.D University of Minnesota, Traffic Engineering, 1992
  • P.E.: Civil Engineering

Work Experience Summary

  • Director, Ohio Transportation Consortium, 2006-present
  • Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Transportation Program in Civil Engineering, University of Akron, 1996-present
  • Assistant Professor, Tennessee Technological University, 1995
  • Principal Engineer, Research Scientist of ITS, Minnesota DOT 1991-1994

 Member of Professional Societies

Research Accomplishments

Dr. Ping Yi has been working in the transportation engineering field for nearly 20 years. His areas of research include traffic operations and control, traffic safety, and application of advanced technologies in the intelligent transportation systems.

Research Interests

  • Advanced Traffic Sensor Evaluation and Analysis
  • Data Mining and Data Fusion
  • Traffic Responsive and Adaptive Signal Control Systems
  • Location-Based Information Systems
  • Traffic Safety

 Recent Publications

 "Investigation of Peak Flow Variations-Preliminary Field Studies", Accepted for publication in theJournal of Transportation Research Board, 2008

  • "Investigating the Effect of Detector Spacing on Midpoint Based Travel Time Estimation". Accepted for publication in the Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems , 2008
  • "Piecewise Optimum Delay Estimation for Improved Signal Control", Journal of Transportation Research Board Vol. 2080, 2008
  • "Consistency of Input-Output Model and Shockwave Analysis in Queue and Delay Estimation",Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology 8 (6), 2008
  • "A Feedback-Based Dynamic Tolling Algorithm for High Occupancy Toll Lane Operations",Journal of Transportation Research Board Vol. 2065, 2008


Ph.D University of Minnesota, Traffic Engineering, 1992; P.E.: Civil Engineering


Undergraduate Courses

  • 4300-361 --- Transportation Engineering
  • 4300-463/563 --- Transportation Planning
  • 4300-464/564 --- Highway Design
  • 4300-466/566 --- Traffic Engineering

Graduate Courses:

  • 4300-694 --- Urban Traffic Operations
  • 4300-665 --- Traffic Detection Systems and Applications
  • 4300-663 --- Advanced Transportation Engineering I
  • 4300-664 --- Advanced Transportation Engineering II
  • 4300-694 --- Adaptive Control and Signal Design
  • 4300-794 --- Data Processing and Communication
  • 4300-794 --- Traffic Flow Theory