Jan. 18 classes canceled at all UA locations; campuses remain open.

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Two students discuss an English degree assignment outdoors between classes.

For prospective students

Explore our English Department programs for more information:

First-Year Composition Program

Information about English Composition 1 (3300:111) and English Composition II (3300:112) courses, requirements, and program policies.

Undergraduate Programs in English

Find out information about or B.A. in English as well as our minors and certificate programs.

For students looking to add a second major or minor within the English department, please make an appointment with our department advisor, Dr. Mary Biddinger (marybid@uakron.edu).

    English Department Program Codes

    330000BA                 English Major
    330000M                  Minor in English
    330006M                  Minor in Professional Writing
    330007M                  Minor in Creative Writing
    330009M                  Minor in Popular Literature & Film
    330011M                  Minor in African American Lit & Lang
    330000MAT              MA in English
    330007MFA              Creative Writing - NEOMFA
    330003C                  Undergraduate Certificate in TESL
    330008C                  Undergraduate Certificate in Linguistic Studies
    H70008C                  Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Writing
    330002GC                Graduate Certificate in Composition
    330003GC                Graduate Certificate in TESL
    330010GC                Graduate Certificate in Literature