What every English student should know

Adding a major or minor

For students looking to add a second major or minor within the English department, please make an appointment with the department advisor, Prof. Lisa Rhoades (rhoades@uakron.edu).

Keep on top of your program

Go to My Akron, Students tab, Student Center, check for the following:

  • Are your college and major information correct?   
  • Is your contact information correct (listed at bottom of page)?  If not, edit for correction. 
  • If you've applied for graduation, you should see the progress of your application in the To Do box.
  • Remember to check your DPR report—go to My Akron and you'll see My DPR—this is where you can follow your progress toward graduation (see which requirements you've fulfilled and which you need to complete).

Course add/drop procedure

  •  View the add/drop guidelines and procedures at the Registrar's site.

Look for English Department Awards

  • Submission guidelines are updated in January/February on the Scholarships page and are usually due in March.  

Do an Internship

  • Visit the Career Center to find internship opportunities.

To take classes at another institution

  • Complete the Transient Student Permission Form. 

If you do not obtain permission prior to taking the course, you may be denied credit for the course.

To transfer out of the College of Arts & Sciences

  • Check My Akron to confirm that you are in the College of Arts & Sciences (check academic program).
  • If you are in the English Department and wish to speak with your advisor, schedule an appointment with him/her. 
  • Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin (accessible through My Akron) to determine if you meet the admission requirements for the college to which you wish to transfer. If yes, go to the Dean's Office. If no, you may choose to either remain in the college until you meet the admission requirements or transfer to University College.  
  • Your signature is required on the ICT.   

Apply for graduation

  • To apply for graduation, go to My Akron, select Student Center, select My Academics, Select Apply for Graduation follow directions. You will receive an email confirming receipt of application. 
  • Remember to visit My Akron often to check the Graduation To Do List (located on right side of screen). 
  • If you apply after the deadline or need to change your plan code (major), you will need to contact the Dean's Office.