Return of Title IV Aid

Applies to you if...

    1. You received federal student aid (Pell, SEOG, Nursing Loan, Stafford Loan or PLUS Loan.),


  1. You are totally withdrawing prior to completing 60% of the period/semester for which the aid was provided.

Federal law now specifies how a school must determine the amount of federal student aid (Pell, FSEOG, & Stafford Loans) that a student earns if he or she withdraws* before completing 60 percent of an enrollment/payment period. The amount of federal financial assistance that the student earns is determined on a pro-rata basis.

The withdrawal date divided by the total calendar days in the enrollment/payment period with an allowance for any scheduled breaks that are 5 or more days in length.

Percent unearned = 100% minus percent earned.

The student is billed by The University of Akron for any account balance created when the College is required to return funds.

* Withdrawals occur the date the withdrawal form is processed by the Registration Office, the date the student is officially dismissed from the College or last date of participation in an academic related event. In the case of unofficial withdrawals, it is the mid-point of the period of enrollment, or date student last attended class or other academic related event (e.g., exams).

Once the student has completed more than 60 percent of the payment period, all financial assistance is considered earned.

Students may be required to document their class attendance.

  • Acceptable documentation could be a dated, graded assignment from the class, or documentation from the course instructor.

If you have a question about how this regulation may affect you, please contact the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from classes or discontinuing class attendance.

Earned aid 60 percent point for summer classes

You must attend past these dates.

These dates are based on students enrolling only in these time periods. Your 60% point could be different if you enrolled in a combination of summer terms.

Summer Session DatesEnrollment Dates60% Point
Intercession 1 5/21/18-6/10/18 6/3/18
13-week summer 5/21/18-8/19/18 7/14/18
5-week summer 1 6/11/18-7/15/18 7/2/18
8-week summer 1 5/21/18-7/15/18 6/24/18
10-week summer 1 6/11/18-8/19/18 7/23/18
5-week summer 2 7/16/18-8/19/18 8/6/18
8-week summer 2 6/11/18-8/5/18 7/15/18
Law School Intercession 1 5/13/18-5/27/18 5/21/18
Law School 5-week summer 1 5/29/18-7/1/18 6/22/18
Law School 10-week 5/29/18-8/5/18 7/1/18
Law School 5-week summer 2 7/2/18-8/5/18 7/23/18
Law School Intercession 2 8/5/18-8/19/18 8/13/18