Welcome to the Global Studies Program

The Global Studies program is located on the fourth floor of the College of Arts and Sciences Building--Room 411A.

Global Studies: Expanding Your Mind, Empowering Your Career

Global studies can be applied to any career or professional field that connects to the outside world in a meaningful way. It is instrumental in allowing people to understand the various cultures, languages, values, practices, and social context of that world and enable them to interact with it, successfully. These abilities are not only essential for understanding and appreciating the global environment but, also, are extremely pertinent to the broader goal of enhancing critical thinking skills. As the United States Department of Education explained in its 2012 report, Succeeding Globally through International Education and Engagement, “globally competencies are not a luxury for a select few but, rather, are essential skills for all individuals.” (Link: https://www.actfl.org/sites/default/files/reports/international-strategy-2012-16.pdf

      Yang Lin_2

      Yang Lin, Ph.D.


      Professor of Communication

      Email: GlobalStudies@uakron.edu

      Office: 411A, College of Arts & Sciences Building (CAS)