Global Studies Program

Global Studies Program

Expanding Your Mind, Empowering Your Career

Global Studies is a multidisciplinary major within the College of Arts and Sciences that includes the humanities, social sciences, languages, and the natural sciences and prepares students to understand and appreciate the interconnected and interdependent nature of the local, national, and international communities that they will enter after graduation by developing a global mindset in relation to the academic, cultural, linguistic, and professional dimensions of a global environment.

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Contact Information:

Yang Lin, Ph.D., Director, Professor of Communication


Office: 411A, College of Arts & Sciences Building (CAS)


Global studies can be applied to any career or professional field that connects to the outside world in a meaningful way. It is instrumental in allowing people to understand the various cultures, languages, values, practices, and social context of that world and enable them to interact with it, successfully. These abilities are not only essential for understanding and appreciating the global environment but, also, are extremely pertinent to the broader goal of enhancing critical thinking skills. As the United States Department of Education explained in its 2012 report, Succeeding Globally through International Education and Engagement, “globally competencies are not a luxury for a select few but, rather, are essential skills for all individuals.”


I. Requirements



General Education Requirements


College of Arts & Sciences Requirements


Mindset Courses


Language Courses


Elective Categories and Courses


Additional Credits for Graduation *


Total Hours


* Bachelor's degrees require a minimum of 120 credit hours for graduation

II. Recommended Sequence of classes

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Education Abroad 

Students will participate in an education-abroad opportunity of at least one semester (or its equivalent) in length and which include courses and course credit that may be applied in fulfillment of appropriate Elective Categories and/or Language requirements, provided that they are transferable and meet with the approval of the program director.


An internship may be used for Elective credit (the number of credits is flexible, though often 3 credits are earned) at the discretion of the program director, provided that its focus and activity is primarily related to a global theme and it conforms to one of the Elective Categories. Examples of internships can include service at institutions such as the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Health Organization, an embassy or consulate, or a legislative committee dedicated to international activity and affairs.


  • Working for the US government in such areas as diplomacy, commerce, defense, national intelligence and securities, health, and energy
  • Working for non-governmental organizations in such areas as environmental protection, human rights, economic development, immigration, global health, global education, and cultural exchange
  • Working for a variety of private business in such areas as finance, trade, manufacturing, education, media, music, and sports

In-demand jobs for students with a Global Studies degree

  • Policy Analyst 
  • Economist
  • Diplomat
  • International Marketing Manager
  • More

 Entry-level jobs

  • Congressional aide
  • Civil service worker
  • Human resources representative
  • International relations representative 
  • Legal assistant
  • Travel guide
  • Teacher
  • Government official
  • More

International Studies Majors: Salary and Career Facts

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Tracks within the Degree

  • Business
  • Education
  • Government and International Affairs
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Law
  • Public Policy
  • Culture & the Arts
  • Nonprofit leader

Potential Future Employers

  • Goodyear
  • The Timken Company
  • Smucker’s
  • Summa Health
  • Asian, Inc.
  • TIC International!

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Akron's interdisciplinary major has multiple aspects that students can focus on, such as:

  • Global health
  • Global justice and inequality 
  • Conflict within communities
  • Migration and border crossings
  • The environment, energy, and scientific innovations
  • ·Human origins throughout the world
  • Security and diplomacy

The University of Akron has lower tuition rates, which makes attending college much more affordable. There is also a smaller student population, which allows each individual to get a more personal education in the classroom with their professors. 

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Scholarships are competitive.  The best strategy is to understand the application requirements and process for scholarship and funding opportunities and to communicate directly with the respective offices.

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