Religious Accommodations Policy

The University of Akron welcomes individuals from all different faiths, philosophies, religious traditions, and other systems of belief.  Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code 3359-11-13, it is the policy of the University that there shall be no unlawful discrimination against any individual at the University.  The University’s Non-discrimination and harassment policy is located here

Student Accommodations

Students will be excused from class for up to three (3) days per academic semester to observe religious, spiritual or faith based holidays.   To request excusal, students must notify their faculty course instructor, in writing, during the first fourteen (14) days of the semester, of the date(s) of each proposed absence or request for alternative accommodation.  The notice must state that it is a request for religious accommodation and identify the accommodation being requested, including any requests for alternate test dates or due dates needed by reason of the absence.  Test dates or due date may be rescheduled at a time either before or after the originally scheduled test or assignment date.  Students should work with their faculty course instructor to determine the appropriate accommodations for the religious observances.

Faculty are welcome to contact the University of Akron Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office (“EEO Office”) or the Dean of Students Office for guidance on requests received.

Students who have concerns that the religious accommodation policy is not being properly applied should first contact the Department Chair in the Department in which the course is being taught.  If the concern is not resolved through the Department Chair, the student should next contact the Dean of the College in which the course is being taught.  If the concern is not resolved through the Dean of the College, the student should contact the Office of Academic Affairs.  If the student’s concern remains unresolved, a formal complaint may be filed with the University’s EEO/AA Office. 

The University's Religious Accommodations Policy addressing student accommodations is available here

Employee Accommodations

Employees may request changes or modifications to their work duties or requirements needed to comply with their sincerely held religious beliefs.  Requests for religious accommodations may be directed to the University of Akron Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office.

List of Religious Holidays

A non-exhaustive list of religious holidays for 2023 can be found here.  A non-exhaustive list of holidays for 2024 can be found here.  Specific observances may vary among followers of those faiths.  Some observances may also begin at sundown on the date listed.  Questions regarding date(s) of the observance should be discussed with the individual requesting the absence.  Requests for accommodations should not be denied on the basis that the identified religious holiday is not included on this list.

Contact Information

Questions regarding this policy can be directed to:

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
University of Akron
The Administrative Services Building
185 East Mill Street
Room 138
Akron, OH 44325
(330) 972-7300 | Phone
(330) 972-5816 | Fax

Tami Hannon, Director EEO/AA

Kelsea Homer, EEO/AA Specialist

Dean of Students
University of Akron
The Jean Hower Taber Student Union
Room 152
Akron, OH 44325
(330) 972-6048 | Phone

Mr. Michael Strong, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students