Organizational Development


Welcome to The University of Akron organizational development project website.  Starting in 2022, we began an analysis of our existing job architecture and a thoughtful redesign of our job structure, performance management and career growth opportunities.  These efforts have incorporated employee feedback, industry best practices and a critical look at existing HR practices, with an end goal of enhancing the success of and improving opportunities for our employees.

Project Milestones and Timeline

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Understanding Workday Job Profiles Recording - 4/12/23

Job Profile Appeals

If you believe your job profile does not accurately reflect your job duties, you may file an appeal to have your profile reviewed using the forms below.  Employees and their supervisors should work together to complete the appeal forms.  Use the resource documents above to assist in completing the forms.  Bargaining unit positions have been leveled within the structure of the bargaining unit.  Any profile changes resulting from this process will be subject to the terms of the bargaining agreement.

Appeal Instructions

Appeal Form

Questions can be directed to the Human Resources Organizational Development via email at

Planning and Discovery stage has been completed. 

Initial Communication.

The new performance system consists of four quarterly check-ins.  The first three quarters are designed to provide feedback and discussion opportunities surrounding performance, goals, training and job growth.  The last quarter is a redesigned year end evaluation.  For resources and more details on the project, please visit the Employee & Labor Relations intranet site.

This stage involves initial and ongoing discussions to understand current staffing levels, future staffing needs and training opportunities that will enhance existing capabilities.  The goal of these discussions is to allow intentional planning for existing and future needs by providing opportunities for current employees to increase skills for advancement opportunities and allow for thoughtful hiring within positions.

This next stage will leverage all of the prior work, including the new job architecture and the workforce planning, to build out training opportunities in needed skills areas to provide opportunities for advancement as well as build out pathways for career progression.  As part of this stage, the University will be implementing Workday Learning as its new employee training hub.  More details will be coming soon.