Diversity Council advances Inclusive Excellence principles

The University of Akron

Martin H. Belsky, J.D., Randolph Baxter Professor of Law, and Lee A. Gill, J.D., Associate Vice President for Inclusion & Equity/Chief Diversity Officer, lead the council together.

The University's award-winning Diversity Council is being reconstituted to effectively integrate the inclusive excellence mission across all university departments and programs.

Adopting a best-practices model, each college will now have a representative on the council, according to Lee Gill, associate vice president for inclusion and equity and the University's chief diversity officer.

"The representatives will help develop measurable and specific goals, processes, programs and outcomes to intertwine inclusive excellence in each college’s educational, research, hiring and service efforts," Gill said. The deans and the Office of Inclusion and Equity will work together to ensure that performance measures are met.

Lee expects the college-specific approach to yield new initiatives tailored to meet the needs of each college and, at the same time, contribute to the University’s overall inclusive excellence goals expressed in Vision 2020.

The reconstituted counsel will be led by Gill and Martin H. Belsky, J.D., Randolph Baxter Professor of Law.  Gill and Belsky led the original Diversity Council, whose strategic planning will underpin the new council's work.

Council membership

Council members represent students, the colleges, the community and the administration. Diversity Council members are:


  • Lee A. Gill, J.D., Associate Vice President for Inclusion & Equity/CDO - Council Co-Chair
  • Martin H. Belsky, J.D., Randolph Baxter Professor of Law, Council Co-Chair

College Deans:

  • David Gordon, Ph.D., Dean, College of Health Professions
  • Chand Midha, Ph.D., Dean, Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences
  • Phyllis G. O’Connor, Interim Dean, University Libraries

College representatives:

  • Mrs. Robin L. Angell, College of Health Professions
  • Aimee deChambeau, Ph.D., University Libraries
  • Amy Shriver Dreussi, Ph.D, College of Applied Science and Technology
  • William Hauser, Ph.D., College of Business Administration
  • Gordon Holly, M.Ed., Wayne College
  • Brant T. Lee, J.D., School of Law
  • Varunee (Faii) Sangganjanavanich, Ph.D., LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education
  • Shaddrick Stinson, M.Ed., Honors College
  • Mesfin Tsige, Ph.D., College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering
  • Sheldon B. Wrice, Ed.D., Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences
  • Julie Zhao, Ph.D., College of Engineering

Student representatives:

  • President, Undergraduate Student Government
  • President, Graduate Student Government
  • President, Student African American Brotherhood
  • President, Hispanics and Latinos Organized
  • Angel Poole, President, Pan-African Student Organization

Community representatives:

  • David James, Superintendent, Akron Public Schools
  • Judi Bevly Hill, President, Akron Chapter, NAACP
  • Russel Neal, Jr., Akron 4th Ward Councilman

Administrative representatives:

  • Becky Hoover, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Talent Development
  • Holly Harris-Bane, Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Engagement
  • Kathleen M. Kulick, Director, Office of Accessibility

 Ex-Officio members:

  • Dr. Scott L. Scarborough, President
  • Dr. William “Mike” Sherman, Senior Vice President and Provost/COO

Diversity Council Subcommittees