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The 20th Annual English Department Student Award Winners


The 2020 Winners List

Note: Due to the closure of campus because of COVID-19 the award ceremony was canceled.

The Jedediah Brownbread, Esq. Award

  • Madeline Myers
  • Cristopher Shell

Calista Cummings Award

  • Madeline Myers

John T. Dukes Prize in Composition Studies

  • Lauren Folk

Sam Ella Dukes Memorial Poetry Prize

  • Dylan Morris
  • Mary Ozbolt

The Donald A. and Laura Jane Keister Memorial Essay Prize in Literature

  • Eirik Olson

The Mary K. Kirtz Literary Essay Prize in International Literature

  • Josh McNenny

Literary Guild Excellence in Literary Criticism Prize

  • Madeline Myers

The Mary Mostenic Award for Composition

  • Abigail Geiser

Aaron “Max” Schuldiner Holocaust Essay Award

  • None

The Cathryn C. Taliaferro Shakespeare Essay Prize

  • John Marti
  • Betsy Paulo

The Marion H. Smith Short Story Prize

  • Jason Jurkowski

Literary Guild Student Service Prize

  • Kaylie Yaceczko

Carl H. and Dorothy S. Bauer Scholarship

  • Bryon Dickon
  • Eirik Olson
  • Kaylie Yaceczko

The Zora M. Ledinko Endowed Memorial Scholarship

  • Kaylie Yaceczko

The Dr. John Samuel Phillipson, Jr. Scholarship (Endowed)

  • Kayla DelRio
  • Naomi Nagy
  • Madison Vannagtta

The Frank Pixley Memorial Fund Scholarship (Endowed)

  • Scott Brady
  • Yanna Lazarchuk
  • Madeline Myers

The Dr. Sally Slocum Endowed Scholarship

  • Aaron Jones
  • Madeline Myers
  • Sarah Young

The Mary A. and Joseph E. Snyder Scholarship (Endowed)

  • Madeline Myers

Kenneth Pakenham Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

  • Logan Ohlin