‘Urge to serve’: Student’s passion for community continues at UA


University of Akron student Kareemah Jackson.

Student Kareemah Jackson, a psychology major, works her campus job as a marketing intern for Dining Services.

From her earliest days as a proud Akronite, Kareemah Jackson has exemplified a spirit of generosity and community engagement. Even as a young girl, she would saunter around while adorned in her Girl Scouts uniform, eagerly sewing on a new patch every time she achieved a new milestone.

Fast forward to today, and Jackson continues to channel that same enthusiasm for service and collaboration at The University of Akron (UA). Here, she actively participates in a myriad of organizations, all of which provide her with the perfect platform to showcase her passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others and while gaining personal and career skills along the way.

“Having that thought of my sash — I keep that in my mind, and I take that as my daily accomplishments,” said Jackson, a senior majoring in psychology. “I definitely get that opportunity to test and see what more patches I can bring to myself in the different things the University exposes me to.”

Jackson takes pride in her involvement with Women in Psychology, where she channels her desire to represent the underrepresented. She's a dedicated marketing intern with Dining Services, getting to interact directly with her peers during marketing events. Jackson also shines as a student ambassador for the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences, sharing her enthusiasm for learning. Plus, she’s a proud member of Kappa Omicron Tau, a collegiate sorority for teachers, where she continues to thrive and make a difference.

And she’s found some of her best fulfillment through serving others in her community — on campus and beyond — through a popular student organization called serveAkron.

'My favorite part is the fulfillment'

Her commitment to service extends far beyond the campus grounds. Through the vibrant platform of serveAkron, she has found her true calling. Jackson serves youngsters in the community by helping with delightful Easter egg hunts and creating exciting "trunk-or-treat" events for children at Akron Public Schools through Students with A Goal (SWAG), a local nonprofit that often partners with serveAkron. And through the field experience in her psychology major, Jackson is interning with Project GRAD Akron at Buchtel High School, her alma mater.

“My favorite part is just the fulfillment,” Jackson said about volunteering. “I honestly get to take a step away from my normal, must do schedule, and I am going to something that I have an option to go to, and I genuinely enjoy being around the children. It’s really important to get volunteer hours but to also get that experience with volunteering and being of service to my community. That’s definitely one of the mains reasons why I’m at the University. My community pushed me.”

Fueling her desire to serve, Jackson actively embraces opportunities to expand her horizons and acquire skills beyond her major, all through her active engagement on campus. Recognizing the value of social success and meaningful connections, she prioritizes networking with her peers and professors every chance she gets.

A skill learned is a skill earned

“Something my mother says — a closed mouth does not get fed. And I did not want to miss my opportunity because sometimes they’re once in a lifetime,” said Jackson. “I love advertising and drawing people in. It has given me a lot more confidence in my field. I strive to represent the unrepresented and at least have outreach to them.

“I worked for Information Technology Services (in the Computer Center). I absolutely loved it, and I am nowhere near tech savvy at all. I was doing password resets and so many different things, and getting the opportunity to expand myself and meet other people I would’ve never ever met. It gave me the opportunity to touch into different credentials; I got Dell certified.”

Throughout her journey, Jackson has discovered that venturing beyond the confines of her psychology major to explore her passions has been not only rewarding but also instrumental in shaping her future aspirations. Her involvement in diverse student organizations has sparked an interest in facilitation, opening new avenues and possibilities for her future career path.

“I definitely have the opportunity to step out of my major,” said Jackson. “Something else my mom says is, ‘it is not always what you are learning, it is sometimes about what you can tolerate.’ Being able to work dining marketing has opened up a diff perspective for me, so many different things that I would never touch as a psychology major. The framework of IT department, the different systems and how things work it leads back to one, but we’re all working together. I’m learning the different structures that jobs can grow with, and that definitely set the tone for how I can find my peace in my workplace environment for the future.”

Media contact: Cristine Boyd, 330-972-6476 or cboyd@uakron.edu