The Office of Academic Success Programs Library contains many different bar exam resources.


Pass the Bar!- Denise Riebe & Michael Hunter Schwartz

An overview of the pre-bar review, bar review, and bar exam process. Provides specific information about what to do during the year before the bar exam; checklists, exercises, and reflection questions; tips for studying and completing practice questions; and sample exam questions and answers to maximize the likelihood of bar exam success.

Acing the Bar Exam- Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus

Guide to pre-planning considerations through bar review and sitting for the exam. Deconstructs the bar exam, provides approaches for learning the black letter law, setting study schedules, and answering essay and multiple-choice questions are combined to maximize the likelihood of success.

If I Don’t Pass the Bar I’ll Die- Rosemary LaPuma

73 ways to keep stress and worry from affecting your performance on the bar exam.

Cracking the Bar Exam Code: Rodney Barker & Michael Moiso

Textbook and workbook that covers all the essentials for the bar exam experience. Includes outlines, buzzwords, study tips, practice questions and answers.

The Bar Exam in a Nutshell- Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus

Walks you through the bar preparation process, provides guidelines for selecting a bar review course, bar planner checklists, advice on how to manage the material you cover in bar review courses, etc.


Barbri MBE Testing Practice Questions:

Question sets for each MBE subject of increasing difficulty, mixed subject question sets, analytical answer explanations.

Barbri Drills & Released Questions:

Testing drills, practice questions and analytical answers, practice exam, released MBE questions.

Essential Rules for Bar Exam Success- Steven Friedland & Jeffery Scott Shapiro

Methods to study for the bar exam, learn substantive law, coping with pressure, strategies for answering MBE and essay questions.

Finals MBE Flashcards:

500 practice questions for substantive review.

Kaplan/PMBR MBE Workbook and Outline:
Substantive content outlines for all MBE subjects, practice questions, answer explanations.

Kaplan/PMBR Bar Exam CDs
Substantive law lectures condensed for bar exam review: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations, Property, Remedies, Torts.

Rigos Bar Review series- James Rigos

MBE review questions, practice exams, and answer explanations.

Strategies & Tactics for the finz Multistate Method- Steven R. Finz

The Finz approach for dealing with MBE questions, practice questions, practice exam, answer explanations.

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE 1: Kimm Walton & Stephen Emanuel

Advice and tips on how to answer different questions, how to study for each MBE subject, practice questions, sample exams, and answer explanations.

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE2- Kimm Walton

Practice questions arranged into a subtopic-by-subtopic hierarchy with answer explanations.


Exam Pro Bar Prep Workbook- Steven Friedland  

Teaches you how to write better essay responses for several bar essay subjects, practice questions, model responses.

Rigos Bar Review: MEE- James Rigos

Strategies for answering and preparing for essay questions, Multistate essay questions and answers.

Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays- Mary Campbell Gallagher

Step-by-step instruction for writing bar exam essays, practice questions from several jurisdictions, model answers.


Rigos Bar Review for the MPT- James Rigos

How to approach different types of MPT problems, practice problems, sample responses.


Rigos Bar Review for the MPRE- James Rigos

Suggested approaches for the MPRE, practice questions, answer explanations.

Strategies & Tactics for the MPRE- Lazar Emanuel

Advice and tips on how to approach the MPRE, practice questions, answer explanations.

Finals MPRE:
Outline and summary of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, practice questions, answer explanations (essay and multiple choice).