UA choirs: Answers to your questions

Q: Do I have to be a music major to be in choir?

Not at all! In fact, our choral program is about 30-40% non-music majors and we welcome anyone with the desire to work hard and be part of great music

Dr. Marie Bucoy-Clavan

Dr. Marie Bucoy-Clavan, director

Q: What kind of music do the choirs sing?

The University of Concert Choir is our larger choral-orchestral ensemble which performs with the orchestra each spring in a choral-orchestral concert. In addition, this ensembles performs a variety of classic choral repertoire from the early Renaissance period to present day. 

The Chamber Choir is the premier auditioned ensemble at The University of Akron. The repertoire this group performs is at a higher level of challenge, but also consists of classic repertoire from the Renaissance to present day campers.

Q: Is choir a class or a club?

Choir is a class. Students must be registered to participate and are given homework assignments for each rehearsal. Grades are given based on the students dedication to the work required of them for the class.

Q: What are the benefits of being a part of the UA Choirs?

Since about half the members of the choral program are non-music major students, many enjoy the chance to have an outlet outside of their classes where they can have fun and meet new people. Also, it is a great place to build a family of musicians who care about each other. We encourage strong camaraderie in the group since it is our strong belief that a choir that loves each other sings together better.

Q: What’s the difference between the Concert Choir and the Chamber Choir?

The University of Concert Choir is our larger choral-orchestral ensemble. It is currently comprised of 70-80 members and focuses on musicianship skills along with performing standard choral literature.

The Chamber Choir is the premier auditioned ensemble comprised of about 25 members. This ensemble is the touring choir, traveling at the end of each spring semester. This choir is a year long membership requirement and all undergraduates members are also required to be part of the Concert Choir. 

Q: What is the audition process? (is there a better way to word this?)

To be part of the choral program, a voice placement meeting is set up with Dr. Bucoy-Clavan where she does a series of vocal warm ups to hear your range and vocal tone. Also part of this meeting is rhythmic and melodic sight reading examples so that we can get a sense of each students musicianships skills and the place them in the choir in which they will be most successful.

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