Many fine musicians have studied classical guitar at The University of Akron. While not every graduate over the years remained in the field, many have, and more than a few have successful careers as professional guitarists and music educators. The list below represents only those who currently have a web presence. If you see your name missing, please contact us and let us know!

Of Interest: In celebration of the accomplishments of our alumni, we produced a "Classical Guitar Alumni Festival" in 2007, which featured, in a two-day concert marathon, some fifteen program alumni.

Listed in alphabetical order.

Chris Akin BM 1991; MM 1993
Mir Ali 2003-05
Keith Almstedt MM, 2006
Randall Avers 1987-89
James Buckland MM, 1993
Michael Curtis BM, 1985
Jonathan Davis MM, 2006
Cheryl Fitiak MM, 2007
Loren Fortna MM, 2000
Dominic Frasca 1984-86
Jonathan Gangi BM, 2005; MM, 2007
Seth Guillen BM, 2009
Michael Isla MM, 2009
Kimberly (Fox) Isum BM, 2006; MM, 2008
Paige Jackson BM, 1989
Rusty Jones MM, 1998
Patrick Joyce MM, 1999
James Marron MM, 1989
Peter Matthews MM, 1990
Benjamin McCartney MM, 1999
Joshua Millard MM, 2001
Eric Noden 1986-88
Paul Petric BM, 1982; MM, 1985
Michael Raglow BM, 2007
Kurt Reed BM, 2008
Adam Sarata MM, 2003
Scott Schwertfeger MM, 1994
Steve Sloan BM, 2007
Danny Voris MM, 1993
Neil Zaza 1984-86