Orientation Leaders & Team Leaders

UA Orientation and Team Leaders are the first faces to many of our new incoming Zips! They are defined by how helpful, caring, energetic, friendly, positive, relatable, informative, and fun they are. The Office of New Student Orientation is proud to staff some of UA's most outgoing and respected student leaders on campus. Get to know them during your orientation experience and hopefully you'll form a bond with them that encourages you to use them as a resource even after you spend a day on campus with them!

2019 Team Leader Staff

Our Team Leaders are our veterans! They've already spent a summer working as an Orientation Leader and have been selected to return for a second year. They serve as role models to our incoming group of Orientation Leaders and they look forward to helping another incoming class of Official Zips get acclimated to campus!

Nina Barnes

Matt Brookover

Olivia Byrne

Asia Hudson

Morgan Manning

Liv Renkel

John Schrader

Nich Turley

Greg White

2019 Orientation Leader Staff

Our Orientation Leaders are our first year staff members ready to welcome you to campus for the start of your Akron Experience! First year leaders have gone through a rigorous hiring process and are some of the most enthusiastic student leaders Akron has to offer!

Maryann Adesoba

Melissa Antalek

Tyler Brown

Chris Choma

Hillary Cuffey

Leah Eberly

Sarah Edwards

Juliana Fierro

Trevor Hykes

Jullien Ivery

Umuhawa Kamara

Aurrion Littlejohn

Nate Mayer

Connor McKeown

Brooks McKinley

Erica Phillips

Carlos Robinson

Alison Ruf

Danielle Spencer

Aliyah Torgler

Megan Uzomba

Cassidy Wolfe

Nick Zubek