Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Juris Doctor (3+3)

Students admitted under the program fulfill their senior year of undergraduate credits through the successful completion of their first-year law school courses, allowing them to graduate with both a bachelor’s and law degree in just six years, saving a year of tuition and related costs, and they begin their legal careers a year ahead of time.

Students admitted to University of Akron School of Law will receive BA in Political Science after completing 28 credits during the first year of Law School.

Application Requirements:

  • Must be a junior
  • Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)
  • Complete the Law School application
  • Submit a certification of eligibility from the partner program

Degree Information:

  • 92 undergraduate credits
  • 28 Law School credits
  • 3.4 overall GPA AND 2.2 Political Science GPA
  • Use My Degree Progress Report (My DPR) to review academic progress to graduation
  • Contact: Dr. Phil Marcin, 

Degree Requirements:

  • General Education: 34 credits 
  • Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences: 14 credits
  • Political Science Core: 27 credits
    • POLIT:100: Government & Politics in the United States (3 credits)
    • POLIT:150: World Politics & Government (3 credits)
    • POLIT:300: Comparative Politics (3 credits)
    • POLIT:301: Introduction to Political Research (3 credits)
    • POLIT:303: Introduction to Political Thought (3 credits)
    • POLIT:360: The Judicial Process (3 credits) OR 3700:335: Law & Society (3 credits)
    • POLIT:395: Internship in Government & Politics (at least 3 credits)
    • POLIT:461: The Supreme Court & Constitutional Law (3 credits)
    • POLIT:462: The Supreme Court & Civil Liberties (3 credits)
  • Additional credits for graduation: 17 credits

Descriptions for Political Science undergraduate classes.