Criminal Justice Minor

The Criminal Justice minor from the Department of Political Science will familiarize students with the political implications of crime and the unique challenge of administering the justice system.

In order for students to receive the Criminal Justice minor, they must complete the following requirements, sign a contract with the department, and apply for the minor prior to Commencement.


POLIT:100 Government and Politics in the U.S.
POLIT:201 Introduction to Political Research
POLIT:361 Politics of the Criminal Justice System

8 additional credits from the following:

POLIT:363 Crime, Punishment, Politics: Comparative Perspective
POLIT:395* Internship: Government & Politics
POLIT:450 Administering Prisons, Probation, & Parole
POLIT:480 Policy Problems: Criminal Justice
POLIT:481 Challenges of Police Work
POLIT:482 Current Issues in Criminal Justice
POLIT:483 Constitutional Problems of Criminal Justice 

*Internship must be in a Criminal Justice related field. A maximum of 4 credits of Internship can be applied to the minor degree.

Descriptions for Political Science undergraduate classes.