International Politics Minor

This minor will help prepare students entering the globalized social, economic, and political context of the 21st Century.  An introduction will be made to students interested in global affairs, international relations, international political economy, and U.S. foreign relations.

In order for students to receive the International Politics minor, they must complete the following requirements, sign a contract with the department, and apply for the minor prior to Commencement. 


POLIT:150 World Politics and Governments
POLIT:310 International Politics

12 additional credits from the following:

POLIT:300 Comparative Politics
POLIT:304 Modern Political Thought
POLIT:312 Wealth and Power Among Nations
POLIT:321 European Politics
POLIT:326 Politics of Developing Nations
POLIT:328 American Foreign Policy Process
POLIT:405 Politics in the Middle East
POLIT:410 International Security Policy

Descriptions for Political Science undergraduate classes.