Security Studies Minor

This minor will introduce students to the field of homeland and national security studies and is intended for students who are interested in a profession which focuses on managing international and domestic security threats. The minor will help prepare students for a career in intelligence, the military, homeland security, national security, international diplomacy, private intelligence, private security, and others.

In order for a student to receive the Homeland and National Security Studies minor, they must complete the following course requirements, sign a contract with the department, and apply for the minor prior to Commencement

Minor Requirements

  • Required: 9 credits
    • POLIT:100 Government & Politics in the United States (3 credits) or 3700:150 World Politics & Government (3 credits)
    • POLIT:419 Homeland Security Policy and Process (3 credits)
    • POLIT:448 Intelligence Analysis (3 credits)
  • Electives: 9 credits
    • POLIT:310 International Politics & Institutions (3 credits)
    • POLIT:328 American Foreign Policy Process (3 credits)
    • POLIT:334 Law, Mediation, and Violence (3 credits)
    • POLIT:337 Terrorism: Perpetrators, Politics and Response (3 credits)
    • POLIT:339 Terrorism and the Constitution (3 credits)
    • POLIT:392 Selected Topics in Political Science (with departmental approval) (1-3 credits)
    • POLIT:395 Internship in Government & Politics (2-9 credits)
    • POLIT:400 Political Extremism & Violence (3 credits)
    • POLIT:410 International Security Policy (3 credits)
    • POLIT:413 Global Public Health Threats (3 credits)
    • POLIT:417 Environmental Security and Climate Politics (3 credits)
    • POLIT:418 Weapons of Mass Destruction (3 credits)
    • POLIT:445 Al Qaeda and ISIS (3 credits)
    • POLIT:446 National Security Intelligence (3 credits)
    • POLIT:447 Counterterrorism

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