Professional Staff Advisory Committee (PSAC)

PSAC serves as an advisory body to the president on matters relating to employment and any other issues for professional staff and on matters relating to any other issues directed to the committee.

University Rules - Professional Staff By-Laws

PSAC Procedural Manual

Change in Contract Professional Rule: CPAC/HR Letter to Contract Professional Employees

Professional Staff Advisory Committee

PSAC is here to serve all Professional Staff and we welcome your questions and comments.

Did you know?

Vacation Hours: A maximum of three hundred fifty-two (352) accrued vacation hours may be carried forward to the next year. Any accrued and unused vacation leave in excess of three hundred fifty-two hours shall be forfeited on June 30 of each year. Board Rule:


Veterans Day reporting in EmpCenter:  Exempt employees will automatically be given 8.0 Floating Holiday hours in EmpCenter. See the Floating Holiday job aid at for instructions on how to use these hours.  Floating Holiday hours must be used by June 30 of the following year or the hours will be lost.