2020 recorded sessions

PechaKucha Akron

Mita Mody is often asked about her birth place, but when she answers that she was born in Queens, New York, some people don't believe her. Being a daughter of immigrant parents and activist grandparents gives her a certain look. Speaking two languages from India give her speech a certain sound. She speaks about her experiences regarding her name or the pronunciation of it by most Americans, her ethnicity, and how people just assume she isn't American by the way she looks and sounds.


Brenda Colter is the owner of HER Beautiful Mind, managing partner of SYLC Consulting and founder of #BeTheReason and The Ohio Coalition for the Prevention of Black Maternal Toxic Stress. She is a two-time best selling author and motivational teacher. Brenda’s core belief is that “Pain only lasts so long before it manifests into magnificence” and her life’s work is to make you believe it.


Zaïrè Daniels is a full-time student on his last semester at The University of Akron. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus on photography, anthropology, and art history.


Sai Vellala - "I'm a brown kid that was born in Mumbai, India who moved to the USA when I was three years old. I grew up in the Cleveland suburbs and currently attend The University of Akron for Computer Engineering. Music is life, but so is spirituality, mindfulness, and promoting dharma."


Pooja Dayal won fans and followers with her poem Mother, winning the Literary Arts juried grand prize in the 2018 Akron High Arts Festival. She is a Biology major and poet in pursuit of scientific and artistic passions at The University of Akron.


Mark Greer - Slavery and the tearing apart of families, robbed of their offspring and stripped of their heritage. Uncle Tom's Cabin and other narratives. A native of Akron, Ohio, Mark serves as Coordinator of the Mayor’s Great Streets initiative, managing 12 districts throughout the city to promote increased business development and retention, safer neighborhoods, urban design & public space, and encourage greater community engagement.


Kat Hoyer and Brenda Colter love to use their friendship as a beacon of light to show the world that they are all more alike than the world would have them believe, and they can get more accomplished together in unity than they ever can divided.

Kat Hoyer is the creator of the STEER self-coaching Model and Managing Partner of SYLC Consulting, an emotional intelligence development firm in Downtown Akron. As a recovering HR Manager, she understands the benefits of an emotionally Intelligent workforce and how it impacts an organization's bottom line. She is part of the Talent Acquisition SIG committee in Cleveland SHRM and has spoken at 4 DisruptHR events with 2 more on the books.

Brenda Colter is the other managing partner of SYLC Consulting, owner of HER Beautiful Mind and founder of #BeTheReason and The Ohio Coalition for the Prevention of Black Maternal Toxic Stress. Brenda successfully collaborates with several community, mental health and
medical organizations to share the STEER Model via her coaching program. She is a proud member of Akron Urban League, Young Professionals, and Torchbearers Akron.


Brant Lee writes and teaches about race and complex systems. Lee currently serves as Chair of the Akron Civil Rights Commission and Director of the Akron Law PLUS (Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars) Program, a diversity pipeline program funded by LSAC.