Spring 2024 Final Grades

Session Final Grade Rosters
Availability Date
Final Grades MUST Be
Entered By 11:59pm
Grades Available
For Viewing
Availability Date
Regular May 3 May 14 May 15 May 16
1st 8-week March 1 March 12 March 13 March 14
2nd 8-week May 3 May 14 May 15 May 16
1st 5-week February 16 February 20 February 21 February 22
2nd 5-week March 22 March 26 March 27 March 28
3rd 5-week May 3 May 14 May 15 May 16

Grades Posting Information

Instructors may begin entering grades as soon as the rosters become available.

  • Instructors may partially complete the grade roster. The posting process will update the student’s record (for those in which a grade was entered). The instructor may then go back at a later date (by the posted deadline) and input the grades for those students for which no grade was entered.
  • To change a grade (A - F or CR/NCR) once it has been posted, the instructor must complete a CHANGE OF GRADE form and process it through the Office of the University Registrar.
  • Posted grades of an I (Incomplete), IP (In Progress) or NGR (No Grade Reported) may be changed online via the applicable grade roster in My Akron at any time after the I, IP or NGR has been posted.  
  • All grades must be entered by the deadline date listed above.