Submitting Your Request

My Akron

If you have been enrolled at The University of Akron since fall semester of 2001, you must submit your official academic transcript request electronically via the Student Center of My Akron.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a transcript request confirmation.  Please make note of the request number and the request date.  If you have any questions regarding your request, please reference your request number when contacting the Office of the University Registrar at 330.972.8300 or

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my UAnet and password.  What can I do?
You will need your UAnet ID and password to submit your request.  If you do not remember your UAnet ID and/or password, please contact ZipSupport at 330.972.6888 for assistance.


How do I get a form attached to my official academic transcript?
If you have a form or document that must be attached to your official academic transcript, such as a Law School Admission Council (LSAC) or American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) tracking sheet, please type the word ATTACH after the name of the recipient in the Send To field of your request and then forward the form or document to immediately upon submission of your transcript request via My Akron.  Please reference your request number in the email message.


I want to pick up my academic transcript.  What are my options?
If you would like to pick up your requested transcript(s), please select Send To My Address, select an address type and then type the words PICK UP after your name in the Send To field.  You must provide a mailing address even if you anticipate picking up your academic transcript.  Any official academic transcript designated for pick up but not collected at the Student Services Center in the lobby of Simmons Hall within seven (7) calendar days will be mailed to the address provided.

A designee is permitted to collect your academic transcript with a hand signed note of permission from you.  Alternatively, you may send an email message to from your university email ( account granting permission to a designee to collect your academic transcript.


This is my first term of enrollment.  How do I get an official academic transcript?
During your first term of enrollment, we are unable to process an academic transcript request until coursework and final grades are posted to your academic record.  Coursework and final grades are posted to academic records approximately ten (10) calendar days following the end of fall and spring semesters and of the first summer session.  To request an official academic transcript that includes your final grades for the current term, select the Grade Posting processing option when submitting your request.

If you have immediate need for a record of your enrollment for the current term, you are encouraged to view and print a copy of your schedule or unofficial transcript through the Student Center of My Akron.


I have an outstanding account balance, and the Office of Student Accounts placed a hold on my record. I need an official academic transcript for a job opportunity. What can I do?
You will need to contact the Office of Student Accounts/Bursar at 330.972.5100 to discuss your circumstances. If the Office of Student Accounts/Bursar determines that a special exception is warranted, you will be directed to complete the Special Exception Official Academic Transcript Request. Be sure to hand sign your request and submit it using one of the options indicated. Please note that you must submit your request within ten calendar days of receiving a special exception.