unofficial record graphic

With an active UANet ID and password, you can instantly produce an unofficial academic record in three easy steps.

  1. Login to My Akron and click on the Student Center icon.
  2. Click on the My Academics dropdown and select Transcript: View Unofficial.
  3. Click on the view report button.

Once processing has finished, a new window will open displaying the unofficial academic record.  The record is in PDF format and can be printed and/or saved.  If the new window does not open, you may have a pop-up blocker set on your browser.  Turn off any pop-up blockers or follow these instructions to disable pop-ups for The University of Akron web pages.     

If you do not remember your UANet ID or password, contact ZipSupport at either 330-972-6888 or for assistance. 

Please note:  Although final grades for the current term may be present on your unofficial academic record, they will NOT be posted to your official academic transcript until ONE WEEK after final grades are due.  When viewing your cumulative totals, it is possible that your current term and/or cumulative GPA information will change once your final grades are posted to your official academic transcript and the Office of the University Registrar has finished end-of-term processing, i.e., adjustments to repeated classes and incomplete grades.