Student Success Steering Team Members

Janet Bean Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Ronald Bowman University Registrar
Heidi Cressman Director Diversity & Inclusion, College of Engineering and Polymer Science
Alison Doehring Director, ZipAssist
Autumn Frampton Interim Director, Multicultural Development
Matthew Gullatta Manager, Business Intelligence and Analytics
Sarah Hoge Director of Advising Services, College of Engineering and Polymer Science
Paul Levy Professor of Psychology, Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences
Melanie McGurr Associate Professor, University Libraries Electronic Services
John Messina Vice President for Student Affairs
Brandon Mikulski Director, Learning Communities & Akron Experience
Christopher Muller Director, Application Systems Services
Deborah Owens Associate Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration
Manoj Reddy Muthireddy Business Intelligence Analyst, Application Systems Services
Abbey Shiban Director of Undergraduate Programs, College of Business Administration
William Torgler Executive Director, Academic Advising and Support
Sheldon Wrice Interim Vice President for Inclusion and Equity and Chief Diversity Officer
Julie Zhao Assistant Dean of Recruiting, Retention and Marketing, College of Engineering and Polymer Science