Polymer Rheology and Mechanics of Polymer Glasses Group

Group Advisor: 

Dr. Shi-Qing Wang 

Dr SQW Rheology Group 080621.JPG

Summer 2021:
(L-R) Zehao Fan, Travis Smith, Dr. Shi-Qing Wang, Chaitanya Gupta and Caleb Carr (REU Summer Student from University of Cincinatti, OH)


2019 Summer

From left to to right:

Elizabeth Amory(REU summer student from Rowan University, NJ), Ruchao Yuan(visiting student from Donghua University, China), Travis Smith, Da Huang, Dr. Shi-Qing Wang, Yexin Zheng, Xinyang Zhao(summer student from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China), Masoud Razavi, Shufan Zhang

DSCN21442016 Summer in front of Department Building

From left to right:

First row: Yue Zhao, Jianning Liu, Dr Shi-Qing Wang (Advisor), Yexin Zheng

Second row: Dr. Xiaogang Li (Visiting scholar), Zhichen Zhao, Dr. Panpan Lin,Xiaoxiao Li, Sirui Ge

2015 thanksgiving dinner

Group Thanksgiving Dinner at Dr. Wang's House, 2015

From left to right: Zhuonan Liu (collaborator from Dr. Mesfin Tsige's group), Xiaoxiao Li, Yue Zhao, Panpan Lin, Sirui Ge, Jianning Liu, Dr. Shi-Qing Wang (Advisor), Zhichen Zhao, Yexin Zheng

SOR 2014

86th Annual Society of Rheology Meeting, Philadelphia, 2014 

Happy faces (Left to right): Jianning Liu, Panpan Lin, Xiaoxiao Li, Mengchen Wang, Dr. Pouyan Boukany, Dr. Shi-Qing Wang (Advisor), Gengxin Liu, Dr.Yangyang Wang

2011 SoR Meeting

83rd Annual Society of Rheology Meeting, Cleveland, 2011 

Group member (Left to right)--Xiangyang Zhu, Greg Zartman, Panpan Lin, Hao Sun, Dr. Pouyan Boukany, Shiwang Cheng, Dr. Shi-Qing Wang (Advisor), Dr. Yangyang Wang, Gengxin Liu

SC 2009 SOR meeting

Dr. Wang's Group - The Society of Rheology: 81st Annual Meeting, Madison Wisconsin, Oct 2009

From left: Xin Li, Shiwang Cheng, Greg Zartman, Xiangyang Zhu, Yangyang Wang, Dr.Pouyan Boukany, Dr. Shi-Qing Wang

XVth International Congress on Rheology, August 2008, Monterey CA.

Dr. Wang's Group (from left to right) - Dr. Wang (Advisor), Dr. Pouyan E. Boukany, Sham Sundar Ravindranath, Yangyang Wang, Xin Li

79th Annual Meeting of The Society of Rheology Salt Lake City, Utah October 2007

Dr. Wang's Group - From left to right -  Sham Sundar Ravindranath,Pouyan E. Boukany,  Yangyang Wang,Dr.Wang (Advisor)

78th Annual Meeting of The Society of Rheology Portland, Maine October 2006

Happy faces from left to right - Pouyan E. Boukany ( PhD student), Sham Sundar ( PhD student), Dr. Shi-Qing Wang (advisor),Yangyang Wang (PhD student)

Eight graduate students from a variety of backgrounds and countries are currently working on diverse but interrelated fields. Each of the students brings a unique perspective to the projects currently being carried out.

Group Advisor: 

Dr. Shi-Qing Wang 

December 2011–present: Kumho Professor, Department of Polymer Science, University of Akron

September 2000–November 2011: Professor, Department of Polymer Science, University of Akron

Current  Students

Starting Fall 2014

Yexin Zheng

B.S., Sichuan University, China

Starting Fall 2016

Masoud Razavi (Aghjeh) 

Google Scholar

M.S., University of Tehran, Iran

B.S., University of Tehran, Iran

Starting Fall 2018

Travis Smith

B.S., California Polytechnic State University, CA

Da Huang

B.S., Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Shufan Zhang

B.S., Lanzhou University, China

Starting Fall 2019

Chaitanya Ramanand Gupta

B. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

Previous  Students

Dr. Justin Robert Barone (1997-2000)  

Associate Professor in Virginia Tech,



Dr. Rohit Bhargava (1996-2000) 

Professor in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 



Dr. Shanfeng Wang (2000-2003)

Professor in Sun Yat-sen University, China


Dr. Pouyan Esmailzadeh Boukany (2004-2008)

Assistant Professor in Delft University of Technology



Dr. Sham Sundar Ravindranath (2005-2010)

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India


Dr. Yangyang Wang (2006-2010)

R&D staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab  (TN)


Dr. Xin Li (2006-2011)

Research Physicist at Milliken & Company (SC), now in BASF


Dr. Greg Zartman (2008-2012)

Goodyear (OH)


Dr. Xiangyang Zhu (2008-2012)

Senior Scientist in Tiorco (CO), Now R&D manager at Renolit, Beijing, China


Dr. Shiwang Cheng (2009-2013)

 Post-doc at Oak Ridge National Lab  (TN), now assistant professor at Michigan State University, East Lansing (MI) 



Dr. Hao Sun(2010-2014)

Group Leader in PPG Industries (PA)


Mengchen Wang(2013-2015)

CSR Corporation Limited in China


Dr. Gengxin Liu (2010-2015)

Google Scholar

Post-doc in Dr. Stephen Z.D. Cheng's group, Department of Polymer Science, University of Akron (OH)


Now assistant professor at Donghua University, Shanghai, China



Dr. Panpan Lin (2011-2016)

R&D Engineer in 3M, Shanghai, China


Sirui Ge (2014-2016)

Ph.D. Student in Department of MSE, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TN)


Yue Zhao (2014-2016)

Ph.D. Student in Department of Chemistry, Temple University (PA)


Dr. Xiaoxiao Li (2013-2018)

Polymer Scientist at Eastman Chemical Company, Kingsport (TN)


Yi Feng(2016-2018)

Ph. D. Student in Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, stevens institute of technology(NJ)


Yue Lu(2016-2018)


Dr. Jianning Liu(2013-2018)

Application Research Scientist at Eastman Chemical Company, Kingsport (TN)


Dr. Zhichen Zhao(2015-2019)

Polymer Scientist at L&L Products, Romeo(MI)


Mingyu Yuan(2017-2019)

Ph.D. student in Department of Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University(VA)