Carbon Monoxide Safety

codetectorWe currently use Nighthawk CO alarms. The Nighthawk CO alarm meets response time requirements of UL Standard 2034 which are as follows:

At 70 ppm, unit must alarm within 60-189 minutes
At 150 ppm, unit must alarm within 10-50 minutes
At 400 ppm, unit must alarm within 4-15 minutes

Digital readout from 30-999 PPM provides continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide

Peak level memory recalls the highest danger level

No costly sensor replacement

Updated digital reading every 15 seconds lets you see if levels change

Loud 85 decibel alarm alerts you if carbon monoxide levels become dangerous

Test/Reset button allows you to immediately silence alarm

UL Listed

Reading a Carbon Monoxide Monitor

The monitor will beep when first plugged in. It is supposed to do this. It will also beep at any interruption of power. Beeps when the power supply changes and beeps again when it returns to normal. It is supposed to do this.

There is a display on the front of the monitor. This display reads the current level but will also recall the highest level ever recorded by the device.

The device will start to alarm at 70 ppm level for 60 minutes.
At 150 ppm for 10 minutes
At 400 ppm for 4 minutes.

Any other "beeping" is either the power supply or a failure of the device.

There is a Test/Reset button to silence the alarm in case of what we refer to as a spike.

The Fire Department SHOULD NOT be called unless someone is unconsciousness. Keep in mind anything under 50 ppm is totally normal.